Harris Practice Consulting

Accountancy Practice Sales and Succession Planning

Accountancy practice Directors nurture a valuable component of their retirement funding through their everyday work.

Along with superannuation, a range of investments outside of superannuation there is often a reliance on a Manager within their practice stepping up and acquiring the practice.  The strategy can be wholly dependent on a sole individual (the Manager) following through on the plan; it carries inherent risk.

Harris Practice Consulting is in contact with hundreds of accountancy practices and continually feels the “pulse” of the market and the challenges and opportunities.

Practitioners who are considering exiting their firms in the next 2-4 years should ideally plan the exercise now. Too often we see a “nail biting” run to the retirement line with the strategy simply being one of hope that an incumbent Manager commit.

We are acutely attuned to the market and have assisted practitioners with a multitude of bespoke succession and entry strategies through our network and through tightly specified practice marketing and recruitment.

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