Harris Practice Consulting

About Harris Practice Consulting

Harris Practice Consulting was established in 2013 by Geoffrey Harris with the express aim of providing a specialised advice service to accountancy practices and those wishing to extend their careers in professional accounting.

What does the specialisation mean for clients? …Fully informed advice relating to practice sales values, marketing methodologies and building demand when selling an accounting practice.  The specialisation also leads to faster resolution of recruitment needs as a result of Harris Practice Consulting’s depth of contemporaneous knowledge of appropriate qualified Candidates.

What does this mean for candidates? …Fully informed advice as to the best opportunities and an impartial view of the relative merits of each opportunity.  Your career follows the direction which you determine is best for you based on a “whole of market” view of opportunities.

Harris Practice Consulting was founded by Geoffrey Harris; a Chartered Accountant with national chartered practice experience and a deep history of providing recruitment, technology, directorial and professional services to accountants, the government sector, indigenous organisations, trustees and not-for-profit service groups. Full details at https://www.linkedin.com/in/gjhcpa/.

The practice is based in Perth WA and is recognised as a source of independent market knowledge for accounting Directors and candidates on the sale of accounting practices, recruitment services, salary guidance, exit and succession strategies, and organisational structures.

To inquire about our services please contact via email or 0408 905 057.