Harris Practice Consulting


Harris Practice Consulting takes a holistic approach to clients’ and Candidates’ human resources needs.  We go far further than the traditional attraction, assessment and selection of the most appropriate jobs for Candidates and Candidates for jobs.

Our services extend to such key aspects as;

  • Short and long term career direction and goals
    • Matching Candidates’ career and personal goals with the right opportunities
  • Benchmarking of current job opportunities
    • Frank discussions and assessment of the relative merits of available jobs
  • Salary benchmarking and guidance
    • How much is too much and how little represents retention risk in a competitive market for good talent
  • Exit and succession planning
    • The holy grail of elegantly exiting is a planning exercise generally started five years too late
  • Linking expanding firms with exiting partners/firms
    • The life cycles of organisations can in many ways mirror the life cycle of the proprietors – the expander wants to acquire and the receding wish to divest
  • Productivity and effectiveness reviews
    • Am I paying too much for the effectiveness and return from each employee?
  • Incentive scheme structures and alignment to corporate goals
    • The notion of ambiguous incentive schemes rarely works for the organisation nor the staff member
  • Organisational structure and reporting/communication line guidance
    • The traditional organisational structure does not always reflect the way your organisation communicates and runs. The influential can be hidden and the laggards can be masquerading behind titles

To inquire about current vacancies in the market, salary benchmarks or our recruitment and consulting services please email Geoffrey Harris or call or text on 0408 905 057.