Harris Practice Consulting

Exit and Succession Plan Assistance

Most practitioners in an equity position see the value in their firm as being a key component of their retirement planning. Most have superannuation accumulating (often under-funded), a range of investments outside of superannuation (investment property, direct equities and managed funds) and are relying on an enthusiastic Manager within their practice to step up and acquire the practice or they plan to sell on the open market.

Harris Practice Consulting is in contact with hundreds of accountancy practices each year. We have deep discussions with practitioners relating to their practice direction and personal plans. We continually feel the “pulse” of the market and drivers of growth and challenge and concern.

Practitioners who are considering exiting their firms in the next 5-10 years need to plan the exercise now. Too often we see a “nail biting” run to the retirement line with the strategy simply being one of hope that a buyer will emerge for the fees. The alternatives are to consider and groom the right Managers to take over the firm on terms agreed well before D-day (certainty prevails for all) or to merge operations with a planned exit from the newly formed larger entity. In any event, we are acutely attuned to the market and have assisted practitioners with a multitude of bespoke succession and entry strategies through our network and through tightly specified recruitment.

To inquire about current vacancies in the market, salary benchmarks or our recruitment and consulting services please email Geoffrey Harris or call or text on 0408 905 057.